Sunday, December 24, 2006

Brannen Temple and Red Young...

...were joined last night at the Elephant Room in Austin, TX by guitarist Clay Moore and trumpet man Ephraim Owens.

Austin always welcomes back Clay Moore who has been away, and may now be making his home back in South Texas.

The group was fun to watch. As mentioned before, Red, taking a short break from touring with Eric Burdon before heading to Europe, brought down his Hammond B3 and is Covering the bass lines, it's always fun to watch Red and Brannen interact as they cook up the groove.

The group primarily played tunes out of the fakebook. One of the most interesting tunes they did was 'My Funny Valentine', done to a straight 8 feel.

A friend accompanied me there, and we had left just after midnight. I'm sure they continued to lay down some funky grooves.

Also seen observing the action was Chris Maresh, guitarist Darin Layne and many other local musicians enjoying some music and the Christmas holidays.


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