Friday, January 19, 2007

Nord C1 Organ

Nord just announced this new organ. Double manual, 36 pounds, improved organ sounds...I feel guilty for even mentioning this, given my passion for anything Hammond.

According to my sources, this organ is a dedicated organ. The Nord Electro, C1's brother, emulates Hammond organs as well as a variety of vintage keyboards. My initial thought was that it sure would be cool to have access to those sounds on this unit, remembering that Roland Combo organ that came out a few years ago.

However, many people that would buy this organ probably already have the Nord Electro, and the exclusion of additional features probably keeps the cost down. Word on the street is that the organ will cost about $2300, but that is unconfirmed with Nord. If that is the true cost, that's dangerously competitive with Hammond's single manual XK3.

The Nord does have an 11 pin Leslie out and midi space for your favorite pedals.

I like the design, it reminds me of one of those Vox Continetals.

Nord is doing a wonderful job at replicating vintage instruments without the fuss of needing a keyboard tech to maintain it.

Exciting instrument, can't wait to play one.


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