Saturday, November 03, 2007

Prayer for the World and the Earth

The last two weeks, some pretty impressive things have happened, and I got to be a part of it:

1. New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson, who is currently running for President, admitted publicly that he inquired into the Roswell event and was denied information, on the grounds that it was 'Classified'.

2. Ohio Senator Dennis Kucinich, who is running for President admitted to seeing a UFO.

Such news is incredible news, men of influence relating such information. Richardson didn't say it wasn't true, he said he wasn't told because it was classified. This is yet another step in the 60 year old process of getting to the truth about life from beyond the Earth.

I am thankful to be sure, yet, I find myself impatient and frustrated with the pace. Disclosure still hasn't happened. We made a lot of progress and I want more.

The following is a prayer that I pray everyday for the world and the Earth. This is the way that I prayed it today. I share this prayer because this is the energy I want to put out there. Not anger, but gratitude and thankfulness, and a turning over of the whole process to a Power greater than myself. Please join me in this prayer of concern.

I turn over the world and the Earth to you. I pray that the world will come to know you, its shortcomings and your grace and glory. Please remove war violence and hate and replace it with your love peace and joy and a relationship with you in the world. I forgive Bush, Cheney and other leaders that are going in the direction that they are going. I don’t know if I should pray for blessings and protection for them. I think that what they are doing is wrong. Please be with them and intervene. Bless and protect Gore, Kucinich and other leaders that seem to be doing the right thing. Please bring us into a time where we can live in harmony with each other, the Earth and the universe. Please comfort and heal the Earth. I turn disclosure over to you. Bless and protect Greer, Webre, Bassett and others that are working hard to make this happen. Thank you for all the good things that have happened the past couple of weeks in this matter. Thank you that I had something to do with it. Thank you for all the progress that is unseen. Please continue to bless my work and show me what else I can do. I turn over impatience and frustration to you. I thank you that you are in charge of this whole thing. I pray this in accordance with your perfect will.


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