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Bassett: Denver ET Press Conference and Gary McKinnon Update

Stephen Bassett's PRG update regarding the recent Denver ET press conference and an update on Gary McKinnon

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PRG Update - June 1, 2008

Denver Ballot Initiative and Press Conference
All Politics is Local - even Exopolitics (May)

A Denver resident, Jeff Peckman, is attempting place a ballot initiative into the November election calling for an ordinance to create an 18-member Extraterrestrial Affairs Commission. According to the proposal, the 18-member ET commission would "create a responsible, common-sense strategy for dealing with issues related to the presence of extraterrestrial beings on Earth," among other tasks. Four thousand signatures are required. A support petition is located at:

"The evidence is irrefutable that there are extraterrestrials that have visited earth frequently," said Peckman, who believes the government is covering up encounters.

Peckman's effort is reminiscent of state ballot initiatives in 1999 and 2000 in Arizona and Missouri by Robert Bletchman and Bruce Widaman. This time around there has been greater coverage with relatively straight articles in all major Colorado papers and numerous television segments.

On May 30 Peckman held a press conference in Denver to discuss the Ballot Iniative and other matters. Those other matters included showing one of the Stan Romanek contact videos of an alleged alien looking through a window of Romanek's house. This was announced in advance and the media attention was nothing short of extraordinary. Peckman received calls from virtually every news talk show on network television. Whatever the media assessment of the Romanek video, the Ballot Initiative has now received broad attention which may insure the needed 4000 signatures are obtained. Also, the Romanek case can expect much more attention.

As it happens all of this and the Denver ballot signature process will overlap with the Democratic Party Convention in August in Denver. A coincidence perhaps, but PRG applauds the strategy.

Gary McKinnon Case

The extradition hearing in the House of Lords for UK computer , Gary McKinnon, has been set for June 16. McKinnon is accused of into US government computers. He claims he was searching for information on government actions as regards UFO phenomena. McKinnon faces substantially greater punishment should he be extradited. If he loses his appeal in the House of Lords, another appeal could follow in the UK or possibly the European Court of Human Rights.

In either case there is a possibility that McKinnon could be brought to the United States for trial sometime between the party conventions and the November election, which could have exopolitical implications.

Exopolitics United Kingdom has created a support site for McKinnon at:

New Info on Upcoming Conferences

1st Annual Mysteries of the Universe Conference
June 7, 2008
Kansas City, MO
Intrigue Park Place Hotel

Conspiracy Con 2008
June 7-8
Santa Clara, CA
Marriott Hotel

2008 Shag Harbour UFO Festival
August 8-9
Shag Harbour, Nova Scotia, Canada
Barrington Passage Curling Club

2008 Culture of Contact
September 18-21
New York, NY (Chelsea)
Alex Grey Gallery


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