Sunday, January 04, 2009

Bill Richardson Withdraws from Obama White House

CNN has reported today that New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson has withdrawn his nomination from consideration as Commerce Sectary post in the Obama White House, citing an investigation relating to some business dealings between business interests and the State of New Mexico.

As we 'hurry up and wait' to see what further turn of events the new administration might take on this issue, I am disappointed to hear of this recent development. Richardson was very forthcoming when I asked him late last year in Austin about his intention to release information about UFOs.
(click here for my article about that). Much speculation has been given regarding what Obama might do regarding the UFO situation with the influence of Richardson and Podesta within his inner circle.

Stephen Bassett of PRG recently distributed the following link. I have not heard the Obama's broadcast, but Bassett has always finds good things on this subject. Bassett has speculated that Spring 2009 may be the date that the Obama White House may be aiming for regarding Disclosure.

December 10 Obama Radio Address

You may find the video address by President Elect Obama regarding his appointment of John Holdren as Science Advisor and head of the Office of Science and Technology Policy (the office run by Dr. John Gibbons during the Clinton administration) instructive. Also included are additional remarks from December 17.


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