Thursday, January 22, 2009

Hillary Clinton-New Secty of State and UFOs

Dr. Michael Salla has been publishing some very well written and informative articles regarding the possibility of the Obama Administration spilling the official beans on the UFO story. This article focuses on the relevance of Hillary Clinton receiving an appointment as Secretary of State and her role in the UFO story so far. I am not comfortable with her previous statements regarding ET invasions, it's hard to know what she knows regarding the issue.

Brian Hamby


Clinton has been confirmed as Secretary of State by a vote of 94-2 in the U.S. Senate. Today she began her appointment as the third woman to head the State Department which has a global presence through an extensive network of international embassies and consulates. Its international presence makes it a leading U.S. organization for gathering intelligence on foreign nations. The State Department’s Bureau of Intelligence and Research (INR) is responsible for providing accurate intelligence to its diplomatic corps. INR owes its genesis to the Office of Strategic Services, which also spawned the CIA. One area where the State Department’s INR has been collecting intelligence data for well over six decades is UFO activity in other nations.

Hillary Clinton was involved in a confidential effort by Clinton administration officials to gain UFO information from different government agencies. President Clinton, for example, had appointed a mutual family friend, Webster Hubbell, to the U.S. Justice Department find out all he could about UFOs. In a series of FOIA documents acquired by Canadian UFO researcher, Grant Cameron, Hillary Clinton was shown to be a key figure in UFO information provided by billionaire philanthropist, Laurence Rockefeller.

Rockefeller provided a private briefing to the Clintons at his Teton Ranch near Jackson Hole, Wyoming in August 1995. According to Cameron:

"The UFO briefing occurred due to a combination of Rockefeller’s power and determination to bring the problem of UFO secrecy to the President. It was also aided by the President’s interest in UFOs and frustration at not being able to find out what was going on. The President was ready to hear the story and Rockefeller was ready to tell it."

FOIA documents support Cameron’s research into the Clinton’s interest in UFOs. In a Nov 1, 1995 letter to Clinton’s Science advisor, Dr John Gibbons, Rockefeller’s attorney, Henry Diamond, revealed that Hillary Clinton was actually involved in helping draft a letter to the President. . Another letter by Rockefeller himself to Gibbons on Feb 5, 1996, revealed that the Office of Science and Technology was keeping Clinton informed about the UFO discussions.

Cameron’s exhaustive research confirms that Hillary Clinton was the Clinton administration point person for UFO discussions. He wrote: “Hillary time and again spoke of UFOs, UFO sightings, and the concept of the "alien invasion," in her speeches, and in her statements to the press.” Ultimately, the confidential Clinton administration effort to gain UFO information ended with the Lewinsky scandal that overshadowed the final years of the Clinton administration.

As the newly confirmed Secretary of State, Clinton will run an agency with over 30,000 personnel and a budget of more than 35 billion dollars. She will be the nation’s top diplomat and coordinate U.S. diplomacy around the planet. Clinton will have more on her mind, however, than simply running the vast bureaucracy of the U.S. State Department. She at some time is likely to open a door previously blocked to her during the Clinton Administration era. A door marked: “State Department X-Files.


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