Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Stacy Adams Shoes for The Hammond Organist

Hammond organists who use shoes are always looking for the perfect shoe.

Some organists play barefoot, some, like myself play in socks.

The problem with socks is that your feet can easily slip off the pedals.

I am now covering my feet and socks with Stacy Adams shoes.

I had to play a formal gig a few weeks ago, and the only non-tennis shoes that I had were some black Harley Davidson boots that I got at Goodwill.

So I needed some shoes.

Stein Mart is pretty much my favorite store, and they carry Stacy Adams shoes.

Typically my favorite shoe has been a shoe that resembled the Bonham, which is a rubber soled tennis shoe cleverly disguised as a nice traditional dress shoe.

Once I walked from the Austin police station at I-35 to the old Whole Foods location on Lamar in those shoes with no complaints.

This particular shoe, though comfortable, is not appropriate as an organ shoe because of its rubber sole.

It's the same reason why you don't want to wear rubber-soled boots to dance Two-Step.

These previous shoes were not available on this most recent shoe trek, but after some survey of available stock I came upon the Stacy Adams Ormand.

As soon as I gazed upon this shoe, the roof of the Stein Mart opened up, the clouds parted, and a bright light emanating from the heavens beamed down upon this shoe.

Then, store employees and fire rescue people evacuated everyone from the store for about 3 hours until they could repair the damage.

Once allowed back in, I continued to admire this wonderful shoe.

Stacy Adams website describes the shoe as a slip on tassel and the construction as Black Genuine Snake with Croco and Lizard Print Leather.

According to their website, they have another one similar to it, but in a color they describe as 'Bone'.

Despite the name, it is a very cool looking shoe.

They are a narrow shoe, and that night I got to try it out on the last gig with my old C3 and Leslie.

I had been working on some new pedal technique, and my feet just glided over the pedals with these shoes.

Stacy Adams allows you to order these from their website directly for $75.00, or you can buy them from Stein Mart, who usually discounts them, I think I paid $69.00 for them.

Well worth the cost. I’m also using the Ormand for work, but if I can find the Madisons again, I will wear those to work and keep the Ormands near my remaining organ.


At 1:44 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear Brian,

We enjoyed reading your Blog on Stacy Adams. We will be updating our website to the new Fall and Winter Product in mid-August. Please check back to see the new styles!


At 2:33 PM, Blogger Brian said...

cool! thanks for checking my article out and for your comments!


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