Thursday, May 10, 2007

Can You Say Exopolitics?

One of President Jimmy Carter's campaign promises was the disclosure of ETs.

After becoming President, Carter appointed attorney Alfred Lambremont Webre to work with Stanford Research Institute (SRI) to look into the ET matter.

SRI backed off after other governmental concerns threatened SRI's governmental funding.

Mr. Webre has continued to be involved as a space activist, envirnomentalist, and many other things, check out his wikipedia entry for much more information.

Mr. Webre is generally credited with the term 'exopolitics'.

Wikipedia defines exopolitics as the study of the political relations between humanity and extraterrestrial civilizations.

Stephen Bassett has expanded this definition not only to include direct political relations between ETs and humans, but also to include how we react as humans to the ET presence, existence, etc.

We're going to be hearing more and more about exopolitics in the next few years as nations begin to disclose more ufo information and as more government officials continue to speak out about ETs involvement on Earth.

As already announced here, France has already released their secret UFO files with many compelling cases. Britain has plans to release their files. Previous Arizona Fife Symington has also come forward this year admitting that he also saw the Phoenix lights along with many other witnesses. These developments made national headlines.

Symington stands as the only American government official who has come clean with ET information to date.


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