Friday, June 29, 2007

Daniel Sheehan on Citizen Responsibility for UFO Disclosure

That attorney Daniel Sheehan is a mover and shaker within government circles is a little bit of an understatement.

He has degrees from Harvard in government, law and divinity and he established the Christic Institute Christic_Institute in Washington D.C., and has been legal counsel on many high profile cases, such as Karen Silkwood, Iran-Contra, the American Sanctuary Movement, the Pentagon papers, Three Mile Island and Watergate.

When Mr. Sheehan speaks regarding his involvement with the current UFO Disclosure Movement, people listen.

In July 2001, he gave this intriguing interview with Errol Bruce-Knapp and Scott Robins on their Toronto radio show 'Strange Days Indeed'. It's a lengthy interview that is worth reading, but I want to post a brief excerpt from within the interview because it states exactly where we are at with the Disclosure Movement. Keep in mind this interview was given shortly before the Disclosure Event that was held at the National Press Club in 2001, so the hope that such an event would be successful in causing disclosure to happen was still present. Yet, Mr. Sheehan is already stating here that a grassroots effort will be the only thing that will overcome government secrecy surrounding UFOs.

I love the last sentence of the excerpt:

"We don't have to sit back and wait for someone like the king, or the pope, or someone like this to tell us this information. We can get this information ourselves, if we are willing to take the responsibility ourselves."

A more recent article on this subject was written by Alfred L. Webre on his own website

"You know the entire Iran-Contra hearings were brought -- the government official hearings -- about only because we as citizens mobilized and prepared this information and brought it forward in a completely comprehensive way. They were finding themselves getting behind the power curve, so they had to respond. You know Ed Meese, the Attorney General, under Ronald Reagan. The only reason he ever asked for the appointment of a special prosecutor was because it was getting out of control."

"I think that is what we really need to do, kind of a citizen's initiative utilizing the standard rules of federal civil procedures in a kind of sophistication that we have learned as a collective community to utilize. That is the exact type of procedure that we need to undertake. If the government chooses to try to respond to it in some way, then that is fine. We will provide a forum for them, to come forward and participate in such a process."

"It is very much like Harvard Law School when I began at Harvard in 1967. We as a studentry organized the Joint Student Faculty Committee at Harvard Law School. There was no faculty on it, because they wouldn't gain to participate in it, in the kind of sharing of authority to make decisions. Yet, after two full years of holding meetings, the faculty at Harvard found it absolutely essential that they come forward and participate, because they were losing their authority and power. So I think we need to have sort of a citizens diplomacy program coming forward, where we take responsibility for these decisions ourselves."

"You know, the fact of the matter is, there are images where five hundred or six hundred Jewish people would sit there with two German soldiers holding guns on them, and leading them into a German prison camp. If people would only rise up, and take control of their own lives we cannot be coerced like this. What I think we need to do is mobilize people; utilize the training that our two-post war generations are the most widely educated educations in the history of our human family. We don't have to sit back and wait for someone like the king, or the pope, or someone like this to tell us this information. We can get this information ourselves, if we are willing to take the responsibility ourselves."

(end quote)

I am no longer satisfied to whine and complain about our government being unable to disclose the truth about ETs. I am no longer satisfied feeling powerless in this pursuit. We are not complete victims of our government around this issue. I really do feel, as Mr. Sheehan, Dr. Greer, Mr. Webre, and Stephen Bassett that it is really up to us to make this happen and we can if we will.


At 6:51 AM, Blogger Richard Lalancette said...

Right on!

It's been 6 years since the National Press Club Conference with Steven Greer and his team. Still nothing.
If something would have made things move, it would have been that conference.

I totally agree with you, this changes can only come from the population's desire to change.
Share, spread the word to the people around you. And act, ask your congressmen, etc...

In other word, get your ass off the TV and ACT!!! No matter what you do, it's better than watching soaps... Unless you want the following generation to have to deal with an even worts situation.

Thank you for the article Brian.


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