Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Be The Change That You Want To See In The World

The last week or so I've put up some pretty unnerving information, particularly in reference to that of Dr. Carol Rosin. She has stated that through repeated warnings from the late Dr. Werner Von Braun and through meetings she attended within US governmental organizaions in the late 1970s, that certain groups with in the government have been planning to stage attacks by terrorists, rogue nations and eventually extra-terrestrials in order to justify putting up a completely unnecessary and dangerous missle defense system.

When reading about these types of things that are normally referred to as 'conspiracies' one of two reactions occur. That this is just another nut-brained theory that should be just as easily dismissed as it was found without a second thought. Or, that there may be some truth to it but what if anything can be done about it. Besides, with the exception of boarding airplanes and leaving and entering the country post 9/11, most of us are just fine and we really don't need to know too much about this kind of thing.

These are all understandable reactions, and they are much easier to accept than the implications of what Dr. Rosin is suggesting about our own government. We like to think that our government is taking care of its citizens, that it has our best interests in mind. Her testimonly challenges this belief. And her credibility stands, as she was Dr. Von Braun's spokesperson for the last five years of his life and spoke out against the missle defense system during the Reagan years. In fact, she was the one who popularized the term 'Star Wars Defense System'.

And yet, do we not have some evidence that sometimes our government does not act in our own best interest? We look at events such as Vietnam, Watergate, unanswered questions around JFK's assasination, and even more recently around Iraq and Halliburton. These events and others have actually caused us distrust of our own goverment.

The truth is that power corrupts. We have seen this played out over and over again throughout history. Why do we think that our relatively young country would be any different? At some level, I think we understand that something fishy may be going on in our otherwise normally aspirated good old US of A. Even if these things are true, are we as powerless to change these circumstances as we might think we are?

I am reminded of the the quote, 'Be the change you want to see in the world.' I believe that evidence exists that points to the fact that very soon, a massive change is going to take place which will affect every area of our lives. I also believe that our Earth is telling us if these changes don't happen very soon then we are going to continue to face increasing environmental problems that will also continue to negatively affect every area of our lives, including health, environmental and other concerns.

We really are looking at the end of the world as we know it. This has generally been something to scoff at, as many doomsdayers have predicted this throughout history. The end of the world changes that we face, if we choose them, are going to be incredible and will lead to a much improved Earth over what we have if we can handle the transistion of getting to that.

But we cannot allow any power to take this from us. Nor can we allow this power to convince us that we are powerless to do anything about what we see. Indeed, there is no power that is greater than peace, especially if that power is caught up in violence, hate, and war. These ways cannot stand up against peace, love and joy. We have the means already to live the change that is coming into the world. It is imperative that we choose to live this change, that we live in peace, that we pray and meditate to manifest this peace, to be free from fear of change, and to pray that others will do the same. Together we can make this happen, no matter who appears to be in power.

"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it's the only thing that ever has." --



At 1:03 PM, Blogger Richard Lalancette said...

Great article Brian, very moving and very true.
Thank you.

At 1:20 PM, Blogger Brian said...

Thanks, I'm very proud of that one!


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