Thursday, July 12, 2007

Brian Hamby, "No Nuclear Development."

Press Release from Brian Hamby ('c3hamby'), 7/12/2007

Some countries on Earth have recently announced that they are pursuing nuclear options, either for power or defense.

Up to this moment, I have never pursued for myself, nuclear testing or development for any reason whatsoever. After reviewing this information and considering my options, I have decided that now and in the future, I am going to remain resolute in my path and not initiate any nuclear weapons testing.

Furthermore, I have decided to continue to not acquire materials needed for nuclear weapons development.

Additionally, I will not be purchasing any materials that would initiate my entrance into the field of nuclear power.

Neither will I be using those materials for anything else. In fact, it is my intention not to have in my posession any types of nuclear material, for any reason.

The only exception I am making for this would be those types of radiation emitting devices which are common to any regular household. These include but are not limited to a microwave oven and a computer monitor. Even though I have not pursued an option in the last several years to own a TV, I may take that option at any point in the future, a time at which I deem to be appropriate and convenient for me.

I hope that my neighbors would not be alarmed by such an action.

If I purchase such products, I do reserve the right to only use them in the way that they were intended. I may at anytime relinquish those products, for any reason I should choose.

If you see me in sunglasses, it is only for reasons related to fashion and protection from harmful UV rays from the sun.

I challenge all peoples of the world to join me in my quest to be free of nuclear material.

I am always open for talks regarding this issue, but the American people should be aware my decision is firm.


At 4:44 AM, Blogger Richard Lalancette said...

Hey Brian!

You made my day with this post, this morning.

Cracked me up. You got a solid point here though.

If only half the world was just half intelligent...



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