Friday, August 03, 2007

Update/New Season of Exopolitics Radio

My regular posting for now may be a bit spotty due to circumstances beyond my control. More on that later.


We have talked about Alfred Webre and his weekly Saturday evening show 'Exopolitics Radio', broadcast over 1480 AM KPHX in Phoenix, AZ. Mr. Webre was the researcher that former President Jimmy Carter hired once he was elected into office to look into the extra-terrestrial issue.

'Exopolitics Radio' first broadcast was in March of 2007 and has continued uninterrupted, save for a 'creative hiatus' that Mr. Webre began in June. Even during that time, previous programs were rebroadcast live, which featured many special guests. If you have not listened to his shows, they are archived for free and without required 'email registration' at

Last week, the show began a new season, and for this show Webre himself was interviewed by Reuben Romero from another KPHX show 'Out and About'. The topic focused on the issue of exopolitics. Mr. Webre first came up with the term 'exopolitics' in his book 'Exopolitics: Politics, Government and the Law in the Universe'. We have talked about the meaning of the word 'exopolitics', it is simply the interaction that we on Earth have with ETs and how those interactions affect us and them.

Mr. Webre re-visited 'Context Communications', an interpretation theory for determining what ETs may be trying to communicate when they do make visitations here on Earth.

Mr. Webre called attention to the day of the Chicago O'Hare Airport sighting, where an ET craft came down over the control tower at Chicago O'Hare Airport and briefly sat motionless before it disappeared back up into the clouds. This was witnessed by many, many employees, including pilots, and the incident was reported on major news networks.

What was not reported but noted by Mr. Webre, both on last Saturday's show and also on his March 24, 2007 show was that the day this sighting happened-November 7, 2006-was election day when Congress lost Republican control and power was turned over to the Democrats. Mr. Webre believes this is not a coincidence, but purposely done in an attempt to communicate something to us, perhaps an awareness they have of our goings on.

There were many other interesting details covered. Check out this most recent show and the new season. The station's programming is broadcast live on the homepage of and you can hear Mr. Webre's show on Saturday nights at 8:00 P.M. MST (11:00 P.M. EST), or you can go to the archive page and listen to Mr. Webre's past shows. It usually takes only a couple of days for recent shows to get posted once they are broadcast live.


At 10:33 AM, Blogger Richard Lalancette said...

Alfred is a good man.
He's got the heart at the right place.

If he could only shed away some of the fears he's got about the extraterrestrials, he would be unstoppable!

At 4:18 PM, Anonymous Alfred Lambremont Webre, JD, MEd said...

"Alfred is a good man.
He's got the heart at the right place.

If he could only shed away some of the fears he's got about the extraterrestrials, he would be unstoppable!"

Richard - Hi! What fears? I am not aware that I am projecting any fears about ETs, quite the contrary if you read my book EXOPOLITICS and listen to my radio broadcasts and interviews, these all point to the positive ET outreach, most intensively since 1947. The whole point of my context communication analysis of the Chicago Ohare sighting of Nov 7, 2006 is that ethical ETs seems to be cuing humans that we act on our best instincts and preserve our constitutional right to elections and democracy.

You must be projecting, Richard.

Cheers! Alfred

At 12:46 PM, Blogger Richard Lalancette said...

It's your 2 fronts position that have led me to question your motivations.

One position which is peace and weapon removal from space.

The other position you seem to take where some ET are bad guys...

Your associate with Salla was also a factor in my remarks and I just couldn't understand how you would associate yourself with such a man of disinformation.


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