Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Hoagland's National Press Club Update

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Many may recall that Richard Hoagland had a conference at the National Press Club a few weeks ago, featuring the recent fired NASA employee Ken Johnston. Hoagland now has an update of the conference on his website, I encourage you to visit that here.

Some people are calling into question that the pictures don't back up Hoagland's claims. From what I've seen I'm siding with Hoagland.

What Hoagland is doing is taking the original pictures that Johnston didn't destroy and running them through Photoshop, brightening the contrast and showing evidence that NASA tampered with these photos to try to keep us from seeing things that were actually there. NASA didn't count on Photoshop being around in the 21st century and everybody learning the truth about this stuff.

Look for example at the following photo, taken from Hoagland's site listed above:

The Russian press has been extremely vocal about Hoagland's event and publicizing it all over Russia. So they took it on themselves to go to NASAs public photo files and work the same Photoshop magic on them as well. The above photo is what they came up with. Doing this revealed the above picture that was heavily edited using razor blades and a lot of pasted in black background in an attempt to cover something up. In the 1960s version of Photoshop, it was all done by hand. Apparently you can fill in backgrounds the same way on Photoshop, except it's a lot quicker and you don't need a razor blade.

View the original NASA photo here:

Doesn't the background in the original photo look fake by comparison? Does it make sense that the background of the moon would look so black? It kind of reminds me of a quote that was made by one of the astronauts that landed on the moon, "the photos don't do it justice."

That may mean more than we ever thought.

See all of this and more at Hoagland's site.


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