Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Play by Play: Peckman on Letterman

This just in: the video of Peckman on Letterman:

The intro material was pretty ridiculous, but the actual interview was a real win. Peckman related the importance of ETs to the answer to energy concerns, brought up the 500 witnesses connected with the Disclosure Project. Also gave reason for cover up is to protect the oil companies. Positioned ETs as benevolent.

The interview as it appears below is not meant to be a transcript, but it should give a good snapshot of how the interview played out.

This is probably the first time on a national media show that the whole ET issue along with its full implications has been fully discussed.

It was a good step in helping to prepare people who are unfamiliar with the issue for the reality of the ET presence.

After I posted this article a reader observed that Letterman cut Peckman off before Peckman ever mentioned the Extra Campaign; a Denver initiative to put on the November ballot for Denver voters to establish an Extra Terrestrial Affairs Committee.

For more info you can click on the following to read all about this:


I hope to see more in the coming months.

This just in-Literal transcription of Tuesday night's show at Letterman's CBS website.

10:35 pm
I figured out how to watch TV through my computer since I don't have a real TV.

10:45 pm
David Letterman during intro monologue at desk asks if anyone in the studio audience has been abducted. Band members respond that they have been abducted twice and one has been probed once. Letterman refers to live ET video and that Peckman will answer all questions about space aliens. Note: Letterman referred to ETs as 'space aliens'.

station break

10:50 pm
Joke connecting UFO researcher Peckman to global climate warming.

10:55 pm
How many guys dressed as aliens can fit into a jamba juice store?
Video shot of actual jamba juice store, one by one they send in aliens into the store, eventually 15 guys dressed as aliens are sent into the store.

Then followed by Moses, bride and groom, a football player, and comic book characters.

11:00 pm
Sent email to Stephen Bassett expressing concerns the way the show is going so far.

11:01 pm
Mark Walburg interview.

Letterman asks Walburg if aliens are in his new movie 'The Happening'? No, but he's got Jesus.

Letterman-I don't think you are telling me the truth about no aliens being in the movie. Walburg-I'm telling you, it's Jesus.

11:20 pm
Jeff Peckman interview

Letterman introduced Peckman as someone who presented a live video of a live alien.

Letterman: What is your background?

Peckman: Teacher of meditation, interest in clean energy, refers to Stan Romanek who has had +100 visitations, heard about space technology, wormholes as quick travel through space. Romanek was represented as someone who convinced Peckman about the reality of ETs.

Letterman: How was the video received?

Peckman: Video was received well, short version was shown, but it is better in context.

Letterman shows picture of window scene, clarity is not good, audience laughs.

Letterman shows enhanced version.

Peckman explains Romanek set up camera looking for peeping tom, not ETs.
Government has categorized 57 ETs that have been on Earth.

Letterman-where are they coming from?

Peckman: All over- there are over 4000 landing trace cases.

Letterman: When I was little we would regard Romanek as a kook, audience laughs.

Peckman: Referred to the Disclosure Project, 500 witnesses have testified their story that the government is covering this up and members and that members of Congress have been briefed.

Letterman: Why would the government not disclose this info?

Peckman: The powerful oil companies and their ties with Congress.

Letterman: Would people be afraid of this coming out?

Peckman: They would've been in the 1940s, not now.

Letterman: Are you afraid?(of retaliation?)

Peckman: No because it's starting come out, and the media seems to be letting it come out.

Letterman: You think ETs are benevolent?

Peckman: Yes, they are here to help us.

audience claps.

Peckman: Ideally a delegation of ETs would meet with Earthlings, would Letterman like to attend?

audience claps

Letterman: I think I'm busy that day....

Letterman cuts off interview.


At 10:54 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I agree that Jeff was very convincing as he laid out the very important information regarding the Stan Romanick story. His answers to Dave's questions were honest, complete, and intelligent.

I wish Dave had not cut Jeff off, as he did not have an opportunity to discuss the Extra Campaign; a Denver initiative to put on the November ballot for Denver voters to establish an Extra Terrestrial Affairs Committee. www.extracampaign.org

At 11:28 PM, Blogger Brian said...

Jeff is a great speaker, and yes he did well.

I agree with you regarding the Denver assessment and I did mistakenly leave this out in my assessment. It would have been good for him to have gone into the Denver initiative.

My impression was that they just ran out of time.

I will edit my article with this observation, as it is important.


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