Thursday, June 12, 2008

The Video of Peckman on Letterman

You've been looking for it, you've been asking about it.

Here it is.

I think why this struck me as this being a positive happening is that Letterman appears to be asking Peckman leading questions, as if he was trying to 'help' Peckman get his message out. With the audience on his side, Letterman could have been way more merciless with Peckman than he was. At the end, notice how Peckman emphasizes the benevolence of the ETs. The audience starts to laugh, but Letterman subtly redirects the audience and they end up applauding this statement. That, my friends sent chills down my spine. And the 'kook' comment-the audience starts to laugh, but Letterman reigns it back in. My overall assessment is that Letterman was helping, and I believe the following video will bear this out.

The interview certainly exceeded my expectations.


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