Thursday, July 24, 2008

Edgar Mitchell: They Are Here

Within the last couple of days Edgar Mitchell, one of the last men on the moon has come forward stating that ETs have been here and have made contact and that the government has been covering it up. Reports state that his latest admission on Kerrang radio visibly shocked the show host.

One of my coworkers who knows of my interest in this found an article about this today and brought it to my attention. I told him that yes, there has been quite a bit of media attention this month, with the Larry King Show which so far has featured UFOs every Friday night in July.

Also, the Vatican's recent announcement and the release of files from France and England have proved significant.

Though this is not the first time that Mitchell has made such statements, the public airing of his comments lends a lot of viability to the public opinion of this issue. Sometimes these guys kind of laugh at me about this stuff, but today, I could see that they were now considering this as a much more serious topic.

By the way, in case the Brooking Institution asks, my coworkers did not panic nor attempt to throw themselves out of the building.

In fact one of them stated that they already suspected that ETs probably exist. According to polls, a high majority of Americans agree with this opinion.

Stephen Bassett of Paradigm Research, the only UFO lobbyist has observed that the rest of the world is very exciting about this news, but no word yet from the American press. Bassett hopes that the world press will give no choice to the Americans but to broadcast this as well.

Many of us in the UFO field are not high visibility researchers like Alfred Webre, Grant Cameron, Stephen Bassett, Steven Greer and many, many others.

But the rest of us are in the workplace, and Mitchell's comments give weight to an issue that we no longer need to be afraid of to share with those we know.

Let's use this as an opportunity to encourage these ideals, rather than snide remarks such as 'I told you so' or 'You just now figuring this out?'

Let's use this as an opening to continue to gently and lovingly bring this truth to the rest of our Earth brothers and sisters and work with and be a part of the disclosure process that is unfolding.

Here is the article as reported in The Daily Telegraph, a major Australian paper.

Press Release - July 24, 2008
Apollo Astronaut Again Confirms an Extraterrestrial Presence Engaging the Human Race

Washington, DC - Apollo 14 Astronaut Dr. Edgar Mitchell (PhD MIT) has once again stated clearly that high ranking civilian and military officials have over the years confirmed to him the UFO phenomenon in part is the consequence of a non-human intelligence engaging the planet earth and the human race. Further, he confirmed an extraterrestrial vehicle crashed in Roswell, New Mexico in 1947 placing in the hands of the U. S. Government potentially transformative technology.

These reassertions were made on a July 4, 2008 CNN Larry King Live program. As usual, the American media did not find this newsworthy and there was little follow-up coverage.

However, when he repeated and expanded his remarks on a London radio station on July 23, the result was an explosion of international coverage which will almost certainly spill back into the United States.

PRG executive director, Stephen Bassett, stated, "Dr. Mitchell is only the tip of the iceberg. There are scores of military and civilian agency witnesses ready to testify under oath before a congressional hearing and reveal the most important information in human history to a public that no longer believes anything the U. S. Government has to say on this matter."

"But to be quite blunt, the very fact a man of Dr. Mitchell's stature and accomplishments has repeatedly asserted the reality of an extraterrestrial presence is in and of itself sufficient basis for full hearings, and furthermore, every political and science reporter from every paper of record in this nation should be on the phone to this man today."

"When will American journalism make up its mind whose side it's on - the American people or the agencies of government propaganda."


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