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Bassett: Google and Wikipedia Censorship

Paradigm Research Group

PRG Update - June 23, 2008

Censorship Rides Again - Wikipression

Media have the right to print what they want. When they choose to not write about an issue you hold dear, that is not censorship, that's First Amendment free speech. If they write about it poorly, it's not censorship, it's incompetence. Now if a third party, say the government, tells media what and how to cover an issue, THAT's censorship. As it happens the Internet has created global constructs which billions of people are sourcing. This creates new realms for censorship to manifest. Two examples involving PRG:

First Google deletes/blocks pages from the top of search results, now after two years an Administrator at Wikipedia has removed the "Exopolitics" article from the online "people's" encyclopedia. This from a publication with huge articles on Britney Spears, the Incredible Hulk and Mr. Ed (the talking horse). Efforts to get the article reinstated were rebuffed, and essentially impossible, given the absurd complexity of the process.

Wikipedia is a powerful concept. Six percent of all netizens use it. It draws upon the collective intellectual resource to create something with huge potential. Sadly, in order to deal with attendant issues such as inaccuracy, vandalism and malicious intent, operationally it has become an impenetrable, incomprehensible labyrinth populated by crypto- t geeks who rule over imaginary fiefdoms while hiding behind screen names.

The Administrator/CFG in this instance who deleted the "Exopolitics" article goes by the screen name "Sandstein." His home in Wikiworld is located at:

He has no knowledge of exopolitics, its history or the attendant issues and his "decision" was derived from a mock consensus of a few other CFG's who know even less - a rationale based upon the premise that collective ignorance is somehow smarter than individual ignorance - a case of the arrogant leading the blind.

Google deletes the Open Letter to Senator Hillary Clinton web pages at or near the top of the search results going into the key Indiana and North Carolina primary elections, which miraculously reappear a few days after the elections are over. Now Wikipedia has deleted the "Exopolitics" article which had been in place for over three years.

Every time this kind censorship by non-governmental entities takes place PRG is going to point it out and name names. The Truth Embargo remains in place because people and organizations not only believe the government's propaganda, they step up to help enforce it.

Neither government suppression nor censorship by the likes of Google or Wikipedia will prevent the inculcation of exopolitics into the mainstream or the end to the Truth Embargo. If you believe that exopolitics should have an appropriate article in the mighty Wikipedia, feel free to convey your views to Sandstein via the above link.

Robert Bletchman
Obituary at:

PRG regrets the passing of Robert Bletchman. Bob was the public relations director for MUFON and an advisor to CUFOS. He organized symposia at the United Nations to advance the subject of UFO's and taught an education class on UFO phenomena. Bob was an activist and helped to develop the idea of UFO state ballot initiatives ten years ago along with Larry Bryant and Bruce Widaman.

He did not live long enough to witness the end of the Truth Embargo, but he helped bring it about. Our thoughts go out to his family.

PRG Launches the Exopolitics United States Network (EUSN)

Like the Exopolitics World Network (EWN), the EUSN will be a network of websites (which may or may not have organizations attached), one per state, which track exopolitical developments within each state, link to other exopolitical sites and whatever else the webmaster wishes to engage.

Like the EWN it is all volunteer. The only criteria required for listing on the EUSN central hub is an URL and naming protocol, i.e., Exopolitics - Montana, Exopolitics - California, Exopolitics - Missouri.

The websites for Arizona, Florida and Georgia are in development.

PRG is looking for webmasters to create sites in the other 47 states and the District of Columbia. Preferably you are a resident of the state in question, can create a website, have some knowledge of UFO/ET issues and history. It would be your URL, your site and your project. Others who are interested but can't create a website may want to help out and will be referred to the webmaster for that state.

Only a few nations are large enough for such an intranet. They include Canada, China, India, Australia and Russia. PRG will not attempt to create intranets for those countries, but hopes others will and will use similar URL and naming protocols.

The goal is simple: to create as quickly and inexpensively as a possible a powerful presence on the Internet search returns for "Exopolitics" and build a worldwide movement to end the Truth Embargo.

If you would like to create the EUSN site for a particular state, please contact PRG ASAP.


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