Tuesday, June 24, 2008

The Disclosure Project-Two Hour Disclosure Witness Testimony DVD 1 of 2

For a hair-raising event you could pay 31.99 and go to Six Flags Over Texas and find more thrills than you can pack in one day.

If you wanted to hair-raise in style you could go over to my friend Brad's New Talent Salon here in Austin, Texas, and get a cut that will raise all eyebrows in town. Thirty dollars for guys, a bit more for the ladies.

Or you could simply stay at home and watch military and government contractors share their experiences with UFOs and ETs, for free:

While watching the video may not put you in the latest hairstyle, the video posted on youtube is no less thrilling than anything at Six Flags. Retired Air Force Robert Salas was in charge of an underground control center for nuclear warheads and witnessed along with the surface security UFOs knock off line all of their nuclear missles. Off line means they were not in a status in which they could be launched, and it was several hours before they came back online.

There's a lot more. Keep in mind that these guys are risking their security oaths to come forward with this information.

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