Saturday, November 28, 2009

Webster Tarpley-Protest Upcoming Troop Surge

Webster Tarpley, on his radio show 'World Crisis Radio' is urging Americans to protest Obama's upcoming announcement to send an additional 35,000 troops to Afghanistan. Obama is also anticipated to request another 10,000 troops from NATO. Levels will be then be over 100,000, nearly equal to that which Russia had in their campaign.

I voted for Obama because of his promises of Hope and Change. He said during his campaign that there never was a military solution in the Middle East. He has broken mostly all of his campaign promises, but this one-calling for an expanded war was one my biggest attractions to Obama, and one of his biggest calling cards.

My purpose for following up this on this blog is two-fold.

Our country is in a race to the bottom as we continue to be the world's largest exporter of war. It is about the only thing the US still builds and exports. Remember that it has been said that WWII helped keep the US out of another Depression. The US has continued this War Economy at the expense of millions of lives.

The other issue that concerns me is that there has been much talk of a US disclosure of extraterrestrial life in the next few weeks. There are great powers in the world that do not want this to happen. A surge in the war again takes the ET issue back off the radar, as did the economic issue which Obama inherited, consuming so much of his time that that was all he could deal with getting into office.

While this is partly conjecture, it is not without precedent. The Disclosure Project witness testimony, one of the largest National Press Club Events and at the time was the largest downloaded presentation, happened just months before the events of 9/11.

While some have dismissed the claim that 9/11 was a false flag event, Dr. Carol Rosin gave testimony at that event that powers in the government were planning such an event as early as the 1970s.

Tarpley announced a large war protest in DC at 11:00 AM across from the White House on December 12, 2009. There was a large decrease in protest activity at the beginning of Obama's term. Obama has proved himself a warmonger in the tradition of those who preceded him, it is time we re-awaken from the foggy haze of the Obama personality cult and use our citizen powers to stop further worldwide violence.


At 8:42 PM, Blogger Winston said...

Just as I considered President Bush to be the victim of warmongering advisors, it seems that President Obama is following suit...that being that a sitting president really is dependent on those close to him such as Cabinet members and such like. I believe the advisors told Obama what he needed to champion in order to win the presidency and now they are advising him what, in their minds, is necessary to raise up the U.S. as the leading world power.
But you are correct in my opinion that many of Obama's promises have been put aside.
The bottom line is that the president really does not take the lead in decision making but rather relies heavily on his advisors. The president merely is a puppet controlled by a group who actually are the string pullers to make the puppet president endorse their wishes.
So regardless who the sitting president is, the country actually is being run by what I would call a secret group. They make the decisions and the puppet president gets the blame for ill-conceived processes.
I just pray that the U.S. can overcome our twisted system before it's too late. We are on a downward spiral and those type of spirals can only lead to a crash. We need new and smarter advisors to pilot our plane before we smash into the ground. And when a plane is spiraling downward, it does not take long to hit the ground. Only experienced pilots can avert disaster. Prayerfully I hope the debaters will rise and reverse this sending of 35,000 to Afganistan plus an additional 10,000 from NATO. Surely soemone in those high up positions will be wise enough to recognize the folly of pursuing a war in that part of the world that even Obama said at the outset that such actions would not end the conflict.
These people who are called our enemies always have been fighters to the death. Bible history is repleat with their inability to seek peaceful solutions to situations. Their resolve is to kill anyone who disagrees with them.
May God help us to weather the storms caused by these people as well as the ill-advisors who advise the president.

At 12:30 PM, Blogger Brian said...

I thank you for your statements, and I completely agree with your statement-however I will take a step further...that Obama is beholden to the corporate interests that funded his campaign. The hope that I have for Obama is that he is smart enough to know what's going on-but as of yet seems unable or unwilling to change.

We would not be getting anything different if McCain had won. These guys are puppets and Obama is indeed a more articulate face for the agenda of the string puller behind the curtain.


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