Friday, January 26, 2007

My C3 Organ From Houston

Last year, my dad located a nice early 1960s Hammond C3, owned by a funeral home. A couple of weekends ago I took pictures of it, and my new printer lets me download pictures from my camera to my printer. Here they are. My camera lense was dirty or something, so deal with it.

I know, it bugs me too.

These things are so cool. Even though the C3 is kind of a gothic, there's something about it that looks timeless as well

Let's open 'er up. These were taken at my studio in Central Austin. It's an 80 year old house furnished in period furniture. The C3 fits right in.

Darn that dirty lense.

I also have some other cool closeups of the manual and of the electronic innards, but they didn't make it today. Maybe next week.

I don't yet have a Leslie with this organ. I'm running it through a blonde Hammond Tone Cabinet that also came out of the funeral home. It still sounds good. We had to replace the 'run' switch, and we also put a fuse on the power supply. Otherwise, it's so nice you can see yourself no matter where you look on the organ

I'll leave you with a picture of something cool I found in the bench when we picked this organ up.

Happy Hammonding!


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