Monday, January 09, 2006

The Laurel Crowned Princess, Chapter 2, "I'm Not A Princess!"

"Behold the Laurel Crowned Princess! Behold all the literary symbolism I and my pedestal represent! Assist me in raising her up on this sacred mount so that she may retain her proper place in the world," the man of slight vertical displacement began.

"I understand the symbolism of the pedestal, but what is the meaning of such a height deprived man as the one you represent?"

"The Everyman," he replied, "I represent the negative social baggage that The Everyman has to deal with in our modern society."

"The Everyman? I don't know of any everyman that would dress like you and carry such things as you do, I retorted. "You look absolutely ridiculous!"

He whose head was not close to being in the clouds replied in an angry loud whisper, "Look, you, last week, with the aid of a milk crate I was cleaning bird droppings off of Ronald McDonald's head. Now this here ain't the greatest story either, but it sure beats flipping burgers at Mickey D's. So, if it's all the same to you, just stick with your lousy script, capice?

An awkward silence fell on the set.

The beautiful woman casually adorned gently broke the silence, the tension, and her character in one fell swoop.

Confused and frantically looking through the script, she asked with a hint of desperation and timidity, "Ahem.... Excuse me, I'm sorry...I'm really lost now. W-W-Where are we in all of this?"

An anonymous voice called out, "Roll the eyes, I'm not a princess!"

She courteously thanked the voice.

Rolling her eyes, she protested, "I'm not a princess, I'm a ordinary person just like yourself. And if I could have leave from this non-tallish man, that would be simply wonderful!"

The man who was so short that no one would know the difference if he wore shorts or long pants, proclaimed, "I cannot and will not leave until the proper time when the princess is pedestaled to her proper position!"

Despite the clever alliteration, her great beauty caught my eye.

I was mesmerized.

"I'm Brian, what's your name?"

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