Monday, January 09, 2006

The Laurel Crowned Princess, Chapter 3-'What's Your Name, Little ?'

She told me all about herself and I was totally enthralled. We talked for what to me was never long enough.

But I never got her name. When she was saying ' name is....'

"...the Laurel Crowned Princess," the zero-taller-lanced man interrupted. "She is none other and known as no one else but the Laurel Crowned Princess! She is to be elevated and revered above all else!"

"Zero-taller-lanced man," muttered he that possessed no tall. "Is that why I have this stupid sword, so you could use that hideous pun?! That doesn't even make any sense!"

With that he threw the sword down into the sand and it stuck straight in.

The woman again said, "Enough with this carrying on from he who is short of height. I am nothing above anyone else that is. Can't you see through your own sorry imagery? I am just a Mid-American ! Cherish me, but do not elevate me above yourself."

Her argument was valid and precise-however, having just had my heart cut out by another woman ever so recently, I couldn't bring myself to be swayed by her arguments. Even still I tried harder than anyone has ever tried to do so, she was so overcoming to me.

And then at that very moment....

....A band of 10,000 strong marched into the middle of the desert, with all of its pomp and circumstance. They, along with adoring friends and family, both non-public radio and non-public TV, my childhood, the rock bands Journey and Chicago-in particularly their respective songs 'Faithfully' and 'You're the Inspiration'-seemingly all that was wrong with most of the 1980s declared this woman The High Laurel Crowned Princess and bowed low to her and sang all sorts of songs of praise to her.

I was hoping they would have avoided Spandau Ballet.

They didn't.

"Why do I find it hard to write the next line,
Oh I want the truth to be said!
I know this much is true"

I looked at her, and looked at them, and felt conflicted in my heart.

"Do NOT put me on a pedestal," she raised, the symbolism ringing crystal clear....

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At 8:00 AM, Blogger Deana Nall said...

Love the Spandau reference. Were those guys dripping with gayness or what? I also like all the photos you've found to go along with the story. Great reading!

I know you've been trying to call and the last couple of nights have been pretty crazy for us. I'll try to call tonight (Wed.) after nine or so.


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