Monday, January 09, 2006

The Laurel Crowned Princess, Chapter 4, 'You're All Free', Mostly Comic Relief...

Then an idea came to me.

"Do you guys do Freebird?"

"Nawww, we only do -contemporary."

"Ok, how about ummm...'Chain Reaction', from side 2 of Journey's 'Frontiers'?

"Man, I'm sorry, we only do their pop hits."

"What kind of band is this?"

" signed the contract! Contract says we only do -contemporary, anything additional has to be asked for ahead of time."

The guitarist added, "Also says 'No Stairway'."

"Shoot...Denied...." I shot back dismissively.

"We know 'Stone in Love'...anything but 'Touchin,' Lovin,' Squeezin,', we don't have the 'Na Na' part down at the end...."

"That's ok...nobody's ever found me singing by the railroad tracks, I never have drunk, smoked, or done , and rarely if ever have I ever engaged in indiscretionary about 'Paperback Writer' or 'Hey Jude', Beatles?"

"Yeah we can do that,...ready guys? 1-2-3, 'Hey Jude...."

Then another idea....

If I could get the fair maiden in the pink shirt, acid washed blue jeans and tennis shoes, who by this time had changed into a white blouse, blue pull over vest and blue plaid-ish skirt, away from the man blessed with shortness, then she would be free to be who she is.

The best way to do that would be...the pedestal...he's short, he'd be out of range of her...and she of him....

Then, 'all of the sudden', from the horizon, came a brave knight in shining armor on a white horse. He shone so much from the sun that we had to shield our eyes from him.

He stopped near the sword that the man without-need-for-a-red-flashing-light-on-his-head-at-night had stuck in the ground back in Chapter 3, 'What's Your Name, Little ?"

The knight confidently dismounted his horse, and as he briefly lifted his face guard to show a hopeful smile and eyes, easily freed the sword from the ground.

"You're all free now," the knight proudly exclaimed. "You're all free now, and I will live forever now that I have freed the sword from the ground. This I have seen myself do in visions that I have had ever since I was a child."

With this, he closed his faceguard and bowed low.

Everyone looked upon the knight and shouted in one accord, "Wrong story!!"

The man who looked like he was standing in a hole up to his knees but wasn't, asked, "Pardon me good knight, can you give me a hand here and help me get this princess on this noble pedestal?"

Quite embarrassed, as much as a knight with a full helmet can be, he, awkwardly assessing the situation, quickly replaced the sword and clumsily and hurriedly got back on his horse and rode off, toward about left of center of the sunset.

Or where sun would've been if it had indeed been sunset.

Returning our attention away from comic relief and back to our story, still in progress....

'Hey Jude, don't be afraid,
You were born to go out and get her
The minute you let her into your heart,
Then you begin to make it better, better, better, better, better, better....'

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This is really, really funny.


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