Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Meditation on Assumed Purpose and Intent, 2 of 4

I'm reminded of a gift that my grandma gave me when I was younger, maybe First Grade.

It was a Christmas gift, wrapped under the tree. It was round, about the height and shape of two rounded off tuna cans. Everytime you turned it around it would make a definite 'moo' noise like a cow.

In the time before Christmas I spent hours trying to figure out what could this be. It was a cylindrical, can-like object that mooed. It wasn't in the shape of a cow, but yet it mooed everytime. Not maybe a sort of moo, but a definite honest to goodness moo.

I couldn't perceive of a can that mooed, so I wondered what it was that mooed. It wasn't a toy cow, so what was it????

My grandma gave me other stuff for Christmas that year, one of them was something I could use with my enormous Hot Wheels collection.

But this 'can that mooed' was the center of everyone's attention on Christmas, and this present was the first one I opened.

When I opened it, I was so disappointed.

The expectation being that it was something more than a 'can that mooed', that it would be 'something', or 'something else'.

It ended up being a 'can that mooed'.

In fact, you could have gone to any toy store during that time and found cans that made all kinds of different farm animal noises.

I nearly had a traffic accident the other day thinking about how funny that whole thing was, literally crying I was laughing so hard.

Assumed Purpose and Intent.


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