Thursday, December 15, 2005

My Band

It looks like Dec 29 and 30 we are going to start recording again.

It will be original music, some I have composed for this session and some I composed in college for completely different circumstances.

It's interesting how similar neo-classical music can sound similar to jazz, given the right instrumentation and groove. Both go for a similar kind of harmonic instability.

I imagined when I was composing this music that it would work in a rock jazz context. I never thought I'd get the opportunity to try it.

Some of the music is traditional organ jazz and some of it is what I might frontier music. One tune goes along the lines of Thelonius Monk, I have always been real happy with the Monk tunes that Jimmy Smith and Larry Young played.

Another tune is a New Orleans based tune, something ala The Meters or the Neville Brothers.

Some of these works have names, some of them don't. Some names come easy, some names I've almost decided just to accept for lack of anything better.

I still haven't gotten the new organ going. It comes on just fine, but we're having to make up a converter so it works with the JR 20 speaker that I have. I'm unsure about the speaker itself, hopefully soon we'll know....


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