Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Muy Occupado

There, my high school spanish being put to good use.

It is so busy today! It's been busy all week. I have a few minutes to tell you that I don't have any time to write anything very important today.

Thanks for coming by though.

Oh! I've got something for ya! This is the email I sent out about my band playing Friday and next Friday.


Neo Trio To Play Again!

Dec 23 and 30, this Friday and a week from, for your enjoyment, at Beck's on Congress next to the Continental Club across from the Austin Motel, 8-10 pm.


Brian Hamby, Hammond organ
Chris Gebhardt, Guitar
Chris Bennett, Drums

With special guest: Butane powered space heaters!!! These things are really hot!

*Look for Chris Bennett's new line of Bopworks Birdland Drum Sticks in stores near you in Austin, and around the world, webpage store soon to open. Bopworks. Insist on it.

*Check out Brian's new blog:

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"First embraced by gospel music, then soul, rhythm and blues, blues, jazz and finally rock, jazz on the Hammond organ expresses a dramatic spirituality with a contemporary soul and groove.

-Brian Hamby, Nov 2004


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