Friday, February 02, 2007

More Scanner Fun, Part II

I have a confession to make.

I said last week I didn't have a picture of Memaw and Pepaw.

Well, I lied.

That's their car in the top picture, a gold 1971 Buick Limited. Not just a Buick Electra, but a Limited. They are leaving our house where we lived at the time in New Mexico, and I am waving goodbye to them. Memaw is driving, Pepaw is putting on his seatbelt, probably after Memaw told him to.

The second picture is evidence of an attempt at psychological warfare.

Somebody had purchased a black 1980 or 1981 Pontiac Trans Am. You know, the kind with the golden screaming eagle on the front. The guy was going really fast and had a bad wreck in which he did not survive. The scrap metal that you see me standing in front of is pretty much what was left of that.

My dad thought this would be an effective way to discourage me from wanting fast, dangerous cars, of which this was my favorite.

It didn't really work, accidents happen to people that drive all kinds of cars.

The last picture was taken of my grandpa's 1966 MGB, back when MGB's were their coolest, before US regulations made them taller and gave them heavier bumpers.

My grandpa used to give my sister and I rides in this car every morning before he went to fight the traffic on his way to work.

I have some pictures of this car in it's decline, but this picture was taken right after it was purchased and that's the way we like to remember it.


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