Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Gotta Luv That Acetone

Another one for the vintage keyboard instruments advertising department:

When I saw this picture I thought that maybe I had done some modeling for Acetone since that fella kinda looks like me.

But since I don't like button down collars and I wasn't quite that old in the 60s, I can safely say that it wasn't me.

The ad confirms it was actually Steve Chapin of the 'The Chapins', which was a 'hot new group', at least at the time of the ad.

Perhaps he was playing music from their hot release 'Chapin Music' on the Rockland label.

Apparently Steve is still swinging with same guys he's played with since then, check this out:

Ace Tone was the predecessor of what all musicians nowadays know as 'Roland'.

This particular organ was advertised as an electric 'transistorized' organ-it would be from the era when such instruments were popular in the 1960s, such as the Vox that was used by The Doors.

For more info, check out:


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