Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Laurel-Crowned Princess, Chapter 12- 'Ya Gotta Hear Both Sides of the Conversation'

We followed her into the band hall where she put up her music in the music folder case, and I saw ‘my college self’ doing the same, cutting through the dispersing band, eyes fixed on this woman, my trombone in hand.

“I was so looking forward to seeing her, I thought we might have a connection.”

‘I’ said hi, and she looked back saying coldly ‘hi’ and promptly left.

“Let’s follow her, maybe we can find out what’s going on?”

We walked through the door, but instead of following her, we were back in Pepaw’s office, where ‘I’ again was on the phone.

What is going on?”

This rotation of events happened several times, like a smaller scale of ‘Groundhog Day’, except nothing I could do could change the outcome. It was just like hitting ‘rewind’ and ‘replay’ on a DVD player.

I don’t get it-‘I’ set up a date....




“Pepaw, can we hear her side of the conversation?”

“Sure. Get out your cell phone and hit answer.”

Cell phone? How did he know about that? I thought this was the late 1980s….

“Eternity does not know time,” Pepaw said, quite authoritatively and knowledgeably.

It started ringing, I picked it up…. “How’d you do that?”

“Listen, Brian.”

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At 7:19 AM, Blogger Deana Nall said...

I've always wondered if maybe she really wasn't mad at you that day. She may have been in a hurry, distracted or consumed by something else at that moment. Complex creatures, we girls are.

At 7:26 AM, Blogger Brian said...

I have no argument with that, coulda been chewed out by the band director, so she practiced until she got it right. Guys are pretty strange, too, at least I am. We will never know for sure what happened. At the time I was tossed about like a leaf in the breeze. The interpretation of what happened appears in the next chapter is 'mine own'. 'Pepaw' ends up tying it up together pretty well, at least for the story line


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