Friday, January 20, 2006

The Laurel Crowned Princess-Chapter 10, 'The Phone Call'

We heard pleasant conversation.

Then I remembered that I had to call an operator in her area code because I wanted the phone call to be charged to my parent’s bill.

I don’t think I was able to dial her number on that rotary phone, either. That was sheer , having that last number rotate back around-and then a connection!

"I remember the operator was even flirting with me a little bit! It helped my confidence.”

“God, I can feel how scared I was, I can’t believe I actually did this!”

“Now Brian,” Pepaw explained, “Everytime somebody says his name, it’s kind of like your phone is ringing up there. If it keeps ringing and there’s a hang up everytime, they tend not to want to answer it.”

“Pepaw, I’m not saying it in vain.”

I was really getting into it, empathizing with just how ‘I’ felt. “Go Brian, you can do this! …I think it was her father that answered the phone.”

Wow, I looked so happy, I remembered how happy I was to talk to her that day.

“C’mon Brian, you can do this!” My grandpa was smiling, and getting into it, too, but he was totally paying attention to what we were watching, and he put his hand up to quiet me.

After about a half hour of talking to her, ‘I’ made the comment that I was going to be back in Abilene about Friday or Saturday.

“That’s funny, I don’t remember making a date?”

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