Thursday, January 26, 2006

The Laurel-Crowned Princess, Chapter 13-'Call Her Back!!!'

“Well I’m getting back on Friday, she said. “When are you getting back?”

“Oh probably Friday or Saturday, I don’t know yet, I coming back on a Sunday and having to go back to school the next day.”

Then they awkwardly got off the phone.

I panicked and pleaded with ‘myself’ who was again giving the victory cheer. “You did great, but she wanted you to ask HER OUT!!! CALL HER BACK!!!

I was livid now, trying without success to make ‘me’ call her back!!!

“I was so happy that she wanted to talk to me, I never even thought she would have actually gone out with me!!! She was a true lady, and she really put herself out there for me. It was right there, all I had to do was…can I cross into it so I can at least know where it ended up?”

“No, you can’t cross over. But it’s ok Brian. For you that was real good. Don’t be so hard on yourself.”

“All this time....”

“Now Brian, I’m real proud of you, it was so hard to make that call, given your circumstances at the time. I’m on the other side, I can see that you really and truly did the best you could. Even if you had gone on that date, you would’ve messed it up in some other way and would have some other regret,” he said with a kind-hearted laugh.

“You didn't have the tools you have now. You did the best you could at the time, you should be very proud of yourself.”

"For as much as you admired her, were infatuated with her, were attracted to her,you did not truly ‘know her.’ What you have hung onto all these years was something that your mind made up that you thought was her."

Whether you were soul mates, or if it had just been one date, you just never got enough information to know. Perhaps your intuition was telling you something you didn’t want to accept. We’ll never know. But you’ve got to let it go.”

“I’m mainly here to tell you she was put in your life for a purpose, and was used to set you on a path that you needed to start on. If you look back, that’s where your spiritual path started. She called you to be in a place that you were not at, but needed to start on…that’s called growth, and it’s just no fun. You needed someone to help you do that, and she’s the only one that could have done that at the time.”

“I know that you have a lot of regrets about what didn’t happen, but you couldn’t have done any better than you did. But you can do it now, and you will do it when the opportunity presents itself. The future has a lot in store for you. You just keep doing the next right thing, as you say, and all of this will pale in comparison. You are ready.”

“Will I get another chance to get it right?”

“Not just one but as many more chances as you need. All I know is that you have to let the past go, if you are going to be available for her, or anyone else."

“Just don’t give up, don’t give up. It’s going to be okay in the end. Just hang in there, you’re going to be just fine.”

“And by the way, keep up the writing, really good stuff you’re coming up with.”

“I’ve got to get back. Memaw and Heaven are waiting on me, and I’m not sure who I fear the most,” he said, half-joking.

I accepted that as a sincere praise of honor. He did some really scholarly comedic writings in his time, all worthy of publishing.


It was time to return to the desert and settle the score with the short man.

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