Monday, January 30, 2006

The Laurel-Crowned Princess, Chapter 16-'Aaaarrrrreee Yeeeewwwww Reeady Tooooo Rumbllllleeeee.....!'

Have you ever been in a car wreck? Time somehow speeds up and slows down in a weird kind of way.

That's kind of how the fight scene played out.

Don't remember who fired the first shot. I pulled out my gun that shot pure light, even pulled the trigger, though nothing happened. I later was able to determine that I forgot to turn the gun 'on', apparently it had an 'on/off' switch I neglected to activate.

Not a safety, but an actual 'on/off' switch.

Not sure the gun would have done anything but help me find my car keys at night anyway.

I don't think I got shot right away, I avoided it for a bit, I was able to dive back behind the bar for a quick moment and assess the situation.

The situation was not good from my perspective.

Me in that bar not liking the sheriff was an unpopular opinion with the rest of the patrons, it was like a cat being in a dog house.

Being behind the bar and underneath stocks of vice with anything that could be thrown or shot was not a good place to be, that was my first injury, a falling bottle of whiskey to the head.

The second offense was caused by the bartender who was not happy having me as a guest behind the bar. That bullet shaved my arm as I was running out from behind the bar, but that was like jumping from the frying pan into the fire. Lots of fire and orbiting furniture.

Since I was writing the story I figured some 'Matrix' moves might be good to try, but that's when I added to my head injury and sustained a neck injury, in addition to many other sorenesses that seemed to accumulate after that time.

By the time I was able to block a fast moving table from hitting the bar I'd had taken all I could take, plus a bit more. I don't remember how I arrived on the floor or when the shot to the stomach happened, but it appeared to me that the Sheriff was probably going to keep his job for the time being.

At least that's what he exclaimed as my field of vision faded to black and my day in the wild west was over....

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